Geeky Fun Stuff

Being a Database Geek (as well as a Data Organization Superhero!) can take its toll.

It's important to stop and smell the roses. Or, stop and read geeky webcomics or cat-related pictures, two of my favorite ways to unwind.

Evil Overlord List

My very favorite geeky fun time waster of all time is The Evil Overlord List. Read and enjoy!


Cat-related Fun

The "Simon's Cat" animation clips on YouTube are always fun. Below is the "Let Me In" clip.


My other favorite cat-related thing is the Two Lumps Web Comic, the Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch. The artist and writer are both from Texas, and their strip contains the adventures of two snarky cats, in constant search for their coveted "gooshyfood" (soft catfood). Who could resist? Click the picture to visit the site.


Two Lumps Web Comic


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XKCD Web Comic


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