Data Organization Superhero To The Rescue!

Local Businesses Defy Physics!

  Dallas area businesses are finding success in transforming organizational meltdown into efficient, usable data.  
  Data Organization superhero Kathy Tulley was quoted as saying, "Although the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that randomness and disorder prevails, I defy physics and bring data to perfect order."  

My name is Kathy Tulley, and I want to bring my 10+ years experience in organizing data to work for you! Following are just some of the projects I’ve completed, using Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word:

         checkmark2 Databases            checkmark2 Technical Documentation
           checkmark2 Spreadsheets            checkmark2 Business Process Analysis
           checkmark2 Gathering Requirements            checkmark2 Scorecards
           checkmark2 Data Trending and Analysis            checkmark2 Software Quality Analysis
           checkmark2 Data cleanup            checkmark2 Contact Information
           checkmark2 Reports            checkmark2 Help Guides

Defy physics and bring this data organization superhero to work for you!

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